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Why Is The High Pressure Pump Ventilated Very Important And The Fault Treatment Attention Point?

- Jan 28, 2018 -

In the different types of pumps, the product is consistent with the website products, mainly for the high pressure pump, and the high-pressure cleaning pump and the high pressure reciprocating pump. However, in order to we can have a good study effect, from the three kinds of pump to confuse, below, will be for the high pressure pump, to the interpretation of specific work, in this way, learning will be targeted.

1. The self-priming high-pressure pump in the high-pressure pump, why should it be placed in a well-ventilated place? And, in normal circumstances, it will be out of water in a few minutes?

Self-priming high-pressure pump, which is one of the high-pressure pumps, is required to be placed in a well-ventilated place, mainly for the convenience of rapid cooling, so as to effectively reduce the motor temperature. Otherwise, its ventilated effect is not good, easy to make the motor temperature is too high, then, can cause the motor to burn down.

Self-priming high-pressure pump, its in normal circumstances, after the normal boot, generally, is 3 to 5 minutes, is out of the water, if not, you should stop the machine immediately to check, can't delay.

2. If there is a failure problem in the high-pressure pump, what wrong operation should be avoided?

If there is a problem with the high pressure pump, we should avoid some error operations, mainly including:

The high pressure pump can not be dismantled without permission, because it can be disassembled blindly, which can damage the high-pressure pump and can not even be used. In addition, the high pressure pump may use some special tools during the process of disassembly, which can seriously damage the pump if it is replaced by other unsuitable tools.

3. What are the instructions for high pressure pump during non-use?

The high pressure pump, if it is in non-use period, then, we should know, it is mainly:

The high pressure pump should be kept away from the water source and placed in a dry place. Because, if the ambient temperature is low, the water will freeze, damaging the high-pressure pump. In addition, the time of its use period, should not be too long, because its long time does not use, the component in the pump may appear rusting, thereby, shorten the service life.

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