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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Installing High Pressure Reciprocating Pump

- Jan 14, 2018 -

High pressure reciprocating pump is made up of motor, coupling, decelerator, transmission, pump head and common base. It is driven by a motor through a reducer, a belt drive or a stepless speed governor, and a crankshaft is rotated by a stock shaft. The connecting rod is pushed through a slide block [crosshead] to make the plunger move in a straight line, and the liquid suction and drainage intention is achieved under the opening and closing effect of the inlet valve of the pump head. The first is suitable for petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer industry as process pumps, oil and salt as the water injection pump, pipes, pressure vessels as pressure test pump, booster pump, high pressure cleaning construction, shipbuilding, chemical industry, boiler water, hydraulic mechanical transmission, and the source of food, pharmaceutical, and other needs of the high pressure fluid appearance and the process of pulse high part of the request.

High pressure reciprocating pump device attention:

1. high pressure reciprocating pump level device on the 20-30mm high cement concrete foundation, the import and export pipeline shall not bear the components of other objects and pipes.

The 2. gear height with 120# industrial gear oil.

3. when the pipeline is simply blocked, the safety valve must be installed to ensure the safe operation of the high pressure reciprocating pump.

4. in the winter with high pressure reciprocating pump to see if the steam is not dredged, so as to avoid damage to the pump when the medium is frozen.

5. open high pressure reciprocating pump must first open the import and export valve.

At the end of the pump, we must check whether the screws of the pumps are loose or not, check the tightness of the belt, clean the inside and outside of the pumps, and add the lubricant of the regular trademarks. Then we will see if the motor and the circuit are intact.

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