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What Are The Advantages Of Depam Metering Pumps

- Nov 20, 2017 -

What are the advantages of Depam metering pumps?

1. drive system

The power part of Depam metering pump adopts advanced sleeve adjustable eccentric drive mechanism, which solves three problems existing in metering pump of common mechanical mechanism:

1) the shape of the structure is complex;

2) poor processing technology;

3) stress concentration, low reliability.

On the basis of Depamu company developed a more superior performance of integral eccentric sleeve with adjusting mechanism:

1) the linearity and reproducibility of stroke adjustment are high;

2) in the parking or running conditions can be arbitrary adjustment of the advantages of the Depam metering pump has greater advantages in measuring accuracy. Compared with the original sleeve adjustable eccentric drive mechanism, it has the advantages of more load, more stable operation, lower noise and so on.

2. hydraulic system

The measurement accuracy is high, complete seal, no leakage, is the characteristics of Depam hydraulic diaphragm series metering pump. Depam is not only the production of hydraulic single and double diaphragm, rupture of diaphragm metering pump alarm device, and developed a diaphragm hydraulic system have three independent intellectual property rights and the four diaphragm hydraulic system, provide doublesafetyinsurance for metering pump. Equipped with double double diaphragm rupture alarm system, unique in the world. Depam metering pump has the advantages of accurate measurement, reliable operation and so on. It can be used to transport extremely dangerous chemicals such as strong permeability, radiation and corrosiveness.

The hydraulic system is equipped with a built-in safety valve, which can protect the pump head and mechanical transmission part under the overload condition; protect the diaphragm under harsh conditions, so that the Depam metering pump has excellent reliability.

Compared with the automatic oil supply system, oil metering pump with valve repair Depam, oil has a constant amount of compensation, not only can prevent the overload of hydraulic system, to ensure the repeatability of the system; and completely eliminate the problem of oil leakage, the structure is more simple and more convenient maintenance.

Depam metering pump has unique insulation jacket design, through the jacket to transport insulation or cooling medium to control the temperature of the sealing cavity, can transport medium for special insulation or cooling, can be applied to easy crystallization, heat preservation of the transport medium.

3. valve system

Depam metering pump has a reliable one-way valve technology, Depam metering pump unique pressure sintered silicon carbide ball, aviation corundum ball, with good corrosion resistance, can adapt to high corrosive medium. The ball valve is good wear resistance, high precision, Depamu makes more reliable and accurate metering pump.

4. high performance price ratio

With the continuous innovation of Depam metering pump in the mechanical part and the hydraulic part, the performance of the metering pump is greatly improved while the reliability of the metering pump is greatly improved. Depam metering pump to maintain lifetime warranty commitment, safe and reliable performance makes the Depam metering pump in the actual working conditions of the use of low failure rate, easy maintenance, long service life.

Fax: 86-571-86408588

Code: 310018


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