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The Metering Pump Manufacturer Industry Reveals Secrets.

- Feb 04, 2018 -

A lot of the use of metering pump, metering pump users classification and use has a detailed understanding, but an introduction to the working principle of the metering pump manufacturer of metering pump is very few, I believe each of you the user is a fuzzy concept to its, failed to fundamentally understand the working process of the metering pump. Therefore, the author makes a simple and clear introduction to the working principle of the metering pump in this article to solve the problems of the users' doubts about the working principle of the metering pump. Metering pump metering pump consists of three parts: power drive, fluid transportation and adjustment control.

Driving device via mechanical link system drives the fluid conveying diaphragm reciprocating motion, the diaphragm (piston) Yu Chongcheng first half weeks will be conveying fluid intake and a half weeks after the fluid discharge pump head; Therefore, the frequency of reciprocating motion of the stroke or the stroke length of each reciprocating motion can reach the purpose of regulating the fluid throughput. Precision machining precision ensures the precision measurement of the delivery medium.

The metering pump can be roughly divided into two types: plunger type metering pump and diaphragm type metering pump.

1. Plunger type metering pump.

There are mainly two kinds of valve pump and valve pump. Plunger type metering pump is widely used in petrochemical industry due to its simple structure and high temperature and high pressure. Medium under high stress conditions with high viscosity in the lack of common plunger pump, a kind of valveless rotary piston pump is valued by more and more widely used in the measurement of high viscosity medium added. Due to the lack of complete isolation between the metered medium and the lubricant in the pump, the plunger type metering pump is subject to many restrictions in the application of high anti-pollution requirements.

2. Diaphragm type metering pump.

Due to the isolation of diaphragm, the isolation between the measured fluid and the driving lubrication mechanism is realized. High-tech structure design and selection of new materials have greatly improve the service life of the diaphragm, coupled with excellent corrosion resistance properties of composite materials, diaphragm metering pump has now become the main pump fluid metering application type. In members of the family of diaphragm metering pump, diaphragm pump with hydraulic drive type oil evenly drive diaphragm, overcome the diaphragm pump with mechanical direct drive way force excessive concentration of faults, improve the working life of the diaphragm and the maximum working pressure. In order to overcome the failure of the diaphragm type metering pump due to diaphragm damage, some metering pumps are equipped with diaphragm breakage to realize automatic chain protection when diaphragm rupture. The measurement of double diaphragm structure pump head has further improved its safety and is suitable for special sensitive applications.

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