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The Installation Method Of Metering Pump.

- Feb 04, 2018 -

Equipment installation:

1. It is suggested that the suction pipeline should be installed with self-irrigation, and the suction end of the pump is lower than the lowest level of the reservoir. If the suction lift installation must be adopted, the foot valve must be installed at the suction nozzle. The maximum allowable suction height shall be calculated according to the specific pipeline conditions.

2. It is recommended to install strainer in the suction line for inspection and cleaning. At the same time, it is necessary to have the necessary cut-off valves and pipes to be connected for future maintenance.

3. Pulse buffer and relief valve must be installed in the metering pump outlet pipeline. If the pressure is lower than 3Bar, the backpressure valve is recommended to avoid siphoning.

4. The pipe diameter of the suction pipe must be larger than that of the metering pump inlet valve. It is necessary to consider the peak flow, pipeline length and material viscosity of the metering pump. When the outlet pipeline does not install pulsation buffer, it is necessary to determine the size of pipe diameter according to the selection of suction pipe diameter.

5. Motor wiring must refer to the motor nameplate and operating instructions.

6. Open the cover of the drive box, and add the lubricating oil to the box, and the oil level to the bottom of the worm bearing.

7. Adjust the stroke to 100% and keep the piston top position. Remove the exhaust valve on the head of the pump and fill the pump head with hydraulic oil until it is full. Pressure relief valve installation reset. The remaining hydraulic oil is poured into the hydraulic tank.

Disconnect the metering pump outlet pipe or open the line vent valve.

9. Adjust the stroke to 0%. Start the metering pump to tell whether there is abnormal noise in the pump body.

10. Gradually increase the stroke to 100%, and adjust the oil filling valve in the hydraulic tank according to the operating instructions, so that the filling valve core can be kept up and down 1mm. Observe whether the metering pump outlet has material delivery, and the flow rate varies with the stroke regulation. When the stroke is changed, the replenishing valve must be adjusted accordingly.

11. Close the pipe exhaust valve or connect the outlet pipeline and add materials to the system.

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