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Selection Of Measurement Pumps

- Feb 21, 2018 -

Selecting the appropriate metering pump must consider the following 8 aspects.

1. The measured flow of the medium is the specific flow of the liquid we normally refer to.

2. The chemical properties of the measuring medium, which are the main characteristics of the liquid being measured, are generally measured with the characteristics of chemical causticity, viscosity and gravity.

3. The back pressure of the measurement system is mainly provided for selecting the pressure of the metering pump.

4. Consider the appropriate suction lift height of the metering pump.

5. Consider the analog quantity control of the metering pump.

6. Consider the pulse volume control of the metering pump.

7. Consider the flow monitoring of metering pumps.

Consider a metering pump timer.

These are the conditions that must be considered in the metering pump selection.

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