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Plunger Metering Pump Task Principle Knowledge

- Jun 10, 2018 -

Metering pumps are versatile mechanical assemblies for liquid delivery, pressure control, flow regulation and metering. Suitable  for conveying corrosive and non-corrosive liquids with a temperature of  30-100°C and a viscosity of 0.3-800mm2/s. The metering pump accuracy is  within ±1%.
       Metering  pumps can be divided into plunger-type and diaphragm-type metering  pumps according to the structure. Plungers can be divided into  single-piston type and multi-piston type. The  single plunger type metering pump has the advantages of simple  structure, low cost, etc. The multi-plunger metering pump has the  advantages of smooth transmission medium pulse and higher medium  pressure under the same source power;
  The  plunger metering pump indirectly draws in and discharges the mission  medium (yellow) through the reciprocating standstill of the plunger. Because  the plunger and the seal are in contact with the medium, selecting the  proper plunger material and seal condition will ensure that the pump  will have fantastic performance during its operation.
Plunger metering pumps include both valve and valveless pumps. Piston  metering pumps are commonly used in the petrochemical industry due to  their simple structure and resistance to low temperature and low  pressure. Plungers are made of stainless steel and oxide ceramics. Oxidized ceramics are resistant to erosion and high hardness.
Plunger metering pump task principle knowledge
For  the lack of ordinary piston pumps for high-viscosity mediums under low  pressure conditions, a valveless rotary plunger metering pump has  received more and more attention and has been widely used in high  viscosity such as syrups, chocolates, and petroleum extenders. Increased media metering. Due  to the structural defect that the complete separation between the  metered medium and the smoothing agent in the pump cannot be completed,  the plunger type metering pump has many limitations in the application  of high anti-purification request fluid measurement. Plunger metering pumps are used to hold solids-free liquids in positive or negative pressure containers or pipes.
Different  types of plunger metering pumps can be used to disassemble  variable-frequency motors (that can absorb 4-20mA current signals) or  explosion-proof motors upon request. Piston pump heads are simple in construction, economical, and high in metering accuracy, and need to be selected and protected. Horizontal active alignment between the plunger and the seal ensures that there is little wear between the two.
SJ1-S  plunger metering pump parameters: single head maximum flow rate: 50000  liters per hour; maximum discharge pressure: 50MPa; steady-state  accuracy of ± 1%; medium viscosity: 0-800mm2÷s; medium temperature up to  450 °C the above. For more product descriptions and price requests for metering pumps,. The remaining instruments and meters are solenoid valves, spectrophotometers, etc.

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