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Piston Type Air Compressor And Low Pressure Air Cooled Screw Air Compressor For Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump

- Jan 14, 2018 -

Reciprocating piston air compressor with low speed, heavy load, suitable for continuous operation of the design concept, low exhaust temperature, small vibration, low noise, low fuel consumption. The pursuit of low failure rate, high reliability, reasonable structure of the whole machine, simple system, reliable control, stable performance. A more complete variety has been formed, not only the movable type of the gas tank, but also the fixed type of the gas tank. It has both the form of the single machine and the combination machine for large displacement. In order to better support the bottle blowing machine, we also designed and developed a combined machine for blowing bottle, such as medium pressure press, low pressure machine, gas storage tank, filter and cold dryer.

Air compressor is widely used in all kinds of pneumatic pump products such as pneumatic diaphragm pump and pneumatic slurry pump products, but also can be used in pneumatic clamping, pneumatic tools, pneumatic tires, blowing technology, painting, sandblasting, jet components and other places need compressed air.

Product features of piston type air compressor

The design of strong large nose by the series of air compressors, material relative to other peers compressor product material cost increase, to strengthen the design of the main parts of the head, size and weight are higher than that of other manufacturers, the margin of safety is high, and is especially suitable for low speed, heavy load, long time continuous operation, high reliability, service life especially long.

Especially for the design of heat dissipation and air flow design, the exhaust temperature is low, it is not easy to accumulate carbon, and the efficiency is high.

The annular valve group design is adopted. The valve material is Swedish stainless steel. The spring material of the valve group is a special spring steel wire imported from Japan, and there is no bending movement during the operation of the valve piece, so that the performance and life index of the valve is excellent.

The piston ring is used in Japan. It is durable and not oil.

The crankshaft is quenched by high frequency, especially wear-resistant.

The moving parts are well balanced, and the operation is especially stable, and the noise is very low.

The air filter core is made of imported filter paper, and the filtering and silencing effect is good and durable.

The front end cover is specially provided with oil separation structure, the breathing valve not to take the oil, fuel consumption is particularly low, keep the body clean.

The design of the expansion angle of the exhaust copper tube bell mouthpiece is reasonable and the protective sleeve is protected to avoid the rupture and air leakage.

Pressure switches, contactors and thermal relays adopt imported brands, such as "Schneider", to ensure that control and protection are reliable.

There are four ways of air volume control, which are gas controlled, fully automatic, electronically controlled, fully automatic, electronically controlled and electronically controlled (intelligent switching), intelligent control (automatic switching between electrical control systems according to gas consumption), which is for users to choose and meet different needs of users.

It is optional to install intelligent controller to satisfy the user with complex air condition.

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