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MP Micro-magnetic Pump Range

- Sep 28, 2015 -

MP micro-magnetic pump completely avoids the disadvantages of conventional corrosion in the presence of a liquid pump mechanical seal leak caused by pollution is industrial equipment is the best liquid sending pump; mining planning an extra special recipe for ceramic bearings, having strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, so that the leading safety features and quality to ensure absolute.

MP micro-magnetic pump shaft and impeller on leave even fitted with a magnetic material attract each other coupled together without the traditional mechanical seal, so it is completely sealed. Scroll through the motor torque is automatically and driven magnetic and gravitational magnetic rotor blades job job share.

MP miniature magnetic pump application industries:

1. Mining: metal smelting; washing waste disposal.

2, the pharmaceutical industry: a semiconductor light-emitting chemicals (EL), pesticides.

3, electroplating industry: filter various types of plating solution circulation.

4, Photo industry: the current camera system; X- rays, three-dimensional photo-finishing.

5, producing food industry gluconate; cooking oil refining; canned fruit industry.

6, the chemical industry: sodium carbonate chemical industry; fluoride, chemical fertilizer production; gas absorber reaction liquid circulation; oil refining (sulfuric acid); recovery and regeneration system of waste acid class.

7, the electrical appliance industry, the process of making batteries and battery electrolyte transport; circuit board etching; semiconductor production process, high-purity chemical liquid transport.

8, the metal industry: aluminum oxide film treatment equipment; wire drawing, steel rolling degreasing and pickling; vehicle before spray degreasing and pickling disposal.

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