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Metering Pumps Have A Good Compensation

- Jun 01, 2017 -

Metering pumps are also known as metering pumps or proportional pumps. Metering pumps are a special capacity pump that can meet a variety of stringent process requirements and can be steplessly regulated in the range of 0-100% for the delivery of liquids (especially corrosive liquids). Metering pump control metering pump Each time the fluid pump quantity determines its metering capacity.

Metering pump is a one-way positive displacement pump, the pump pressure is greater than the external pressure when the metering pump to play the liquid. Metering Pump When the external pressure is higher than the pressure on the sign, the metering pump work in the overload state. If the electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump, the flow will drop a lot, or even no liquid; if it is motor-driven metering pump, Metering Pump the motor may be overheating damage.

FKM series of hydraulic diaphragm metering pump features: very unique hydraulic diaphragm metering pump centralized canvas bag women's shoulder shoulder diaphragm metering pump and plunger metering pump all the features, both to meet the user's export pressure requirements (maximum Up to 100 bar), Metering Pump but also to solve the corrosive medium metering requirements. The flow of the metering pump does not follow the pressure, usually speaking, the less moving parts metering pump work more reliable. The metering pump is well suited for low flow, low pressure working conditions and has a good compensatory effect when the supply voltage fluctuates.

The structure of the metering pump

The pump by the motor, gearbox, cylinder and other three parts.

The transmission box component is composed of a turbine worm mechanism, a stroke adjustment mechanism and a crank link mechanism; the adjustment stroke is carried out by rotating the adjustment hand wheel to change the eccentricity of the moving shaft to achieve the purpose of changing the stroke of the plunger (piston).

The cylinder block is composed of a pump head, a suction valve group, Metering Pump a discharge valve group, a plunger and a packing seal.

Metering pump works

The motor drives the worm by the coupling and decelerates the spindle and the eccentric wheel by the worm gear, and the reciprocating motion is carried out by the eccentric wheel. When the plunger is moved backwards, the suction valve is closed and the discharge valve opens, and the liquid is in the plunger to further Movement when discharged. The reciprocating work of the pump also works to form a continuous pressure, Metering Pump a quantitative discharge of the liquid.

Flow regulation

Pump flow adjustment is by rotating the adjustment hand wheel, driving the adjustment screw rotation, thus changing the distance between the bow-type link, change the plunger (piston) in the pump chamber to determine the size of the flow of travel. Metering Pump Adjust the hand wheel scale to determine the plunger stroke, the accuracy rate of 95%.

Characteristics of metering pumps

⒈ the pump performance is superior, in which the diaphragm metering pump is absolutely not leaked, high safety performance, accurate measurement of transport, the flow can be from zero to the maximum range of quota can be adjusted, Metering Pump the pressure can be from the normal pressure to the maximum allowable range of arbitrary choice.

⒉ adjustable intuitive clear, smooth work, no noise, small size, light weight, easy maintenance, can be used in parallel.

⒊ the pump varieties, the performance of the whole, for transport -30 degrees to 450 degrees, the viscosity of 0-800mm / s, the maximum discharge pressure up to 64Mpa, flow range of 0.1-20000L / h, measurement accuracy within ± 1%.

⒋ According to the process requirements of the pump can be manually adjusted and frequency adjustment flow, but also to achieve remote control and computer automatic control.

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