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Metering Pump Selection Factors.

- Feb 04, 2018 -

What information is required to select the metering pump properly?

1. Flow of measured liquid.

2. The main characteristics of the measured liquid, such as chemical causticity, viscosity and gravity, etc.

3. Back pressure of the system. Submersible pump

4. Proper suction height.

5. Other options required, such as analog quantity control, pulse volume control, flow monitoring, and timer.

What are the main advantages of electromagnetic drive metering pumps?

The horizontal centrifugal pump electric self-priming pump has only one moving part - the electric pivot. Generally speaking, the less moving parts, the more reliable the metering pump. The metering pump is very suitable for low flow and low pressure working conditions, and has good compensation effect when the power supply voltage fluctuates. What are the advantages of the metering pump with mechanical seal and change of stroke length, fixed stroke length and changing frequency? By calibration, the amount of each stroke is known. Therefore, the total input and measurement pump calculation is calculated (the amount of investment is equal to the amount * frequency of each stroke). The total magnetic pump increase is linearly proportional to the frequency (50% frequency = 50 %). Through external pulse or analog quantity control, the discharge pump can be transferred from the minimum to the maximum in one second. In addition, it is much lower than the motor drive small pump length adjustment cost.

How to use the performance curve of the metering pump?

1. Find the performance curve corresponding to the selected metering pump.

2. Remove the current back pressure from the colloid below.

3. Determine the correction factor, take the back pressure value of bar as the unit, extend it up to the curve, and read the corrected value at the intersection. Rotary vacuum pump

4. Divide the value of the required input by the corrected value and get the value of ml/min. Or L/h.

5. Put the calculation results in the middle of the water ring vacuum pump. When the value is placed on the scale, a ruler can be used to find the stroke length setting and stroke frequency setting.

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