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Metering Pump Accessories Composition And Function

- Jun 18, 2018 -

The  bottom valve itself has a certain weight, so that the suction pipe is  vertical, and the suction pipe is perpendicular to the chemical barrel.  In addition, it is also a reverse check valve to keep the positive flow  of chemical liquid. The bottom valve also helps to improve the accuracy  of the pump. And  normal liquid absorption. The filter prevents the solid particles from  sucking into the suction pipe and small solids. The suction particles  may damage the diaphragm of the metering pump. The bottom valve also  includes the connector for connecting the suction pipe. The bottom valve  should be installed vertically. The bottom valve stays within a certain distance from the bottom of the tank.

    Most  pump-bottom valve selections for self-starting operations are  necessary. Injection valves are suitable for the connection between the  drain line and the injection point. Injection valves cannot be used as  isolating devices or as protection against siphons. Under the circumstances, the injection valve can produce back pressure of 0.5bar.

    The  cleaning equipment is used to clean the head of the metering pump and  the discharge pipe. The chemical substances mainly used for measurement  are easy to cure, and the metering pump needs to be often idled.

    The  float switch is a very critical means of controlling the tank level.  When the water level drops, the float is sinking and the contacts in the  switch are closed. This contact can be used to control the metering  pump, eg to stop the metering pump, start the metering The  pump can also be used to connect the alarm/indicator to indicate that  the barrel is empty. The float switch can be applied by the reverse  action of the float. In the collection tank, indicate that the  collection tank is full and the metering pump is stopped.

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