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Magnetic Pump Operation Precautions And Working Principle

- Sep 28, 2015 -

Magnetic pump operation precautions and working principle

Magnetic pump operation precautions

1, the pump will not allow no-load operation, if not guaranteed, shall be fitted with no-load protection devices, pressure sensors or load measurement and control devices. Once off the fluid or friction in the pump, the rear protection device in response to a trip, to prevent the pump load and cause further damage.

2, if the magnetic pump is equipped with a motor of more than 7.5KW, preferably with slow-starting devices (such as star delta starter). Because the motor is started, start torque, and is equipped with magnet torque is less than the starting torque, the inner and outer magnets slippage occurs, the outer rotor and the inner rotor does not move, causing eddy heat can not be discharged, causing extreme temperature increased, and ultimately makes the internal and external coupling demagnetization, you can not run.

3. If there is easily solidified medium pump, the car must first pass before steam, after fully melted and other media, before driving operation.

4, the centrifugal pump test run, to check the entire system for leaks, leakage, performance meets the requirements, the unit has no large vibration and abnormal sound in all respects considered qualified, can be put into operation.

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