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Magnetic Pump Maintenance And Repair

- Sep 28, 2015 -

Magnetic pump must be prepared to routine maintenance and repair work in order to effectively play good pump performance and extend pump life.

1, the operation of the monitoring and maintenance: the pump is running, to strengthen inspections of units, early detection of abnormalities, make a deal as soon as possible. In the tour, the general should always pay attention to the following aspects:

2, note that the unit of sound and vibration are normal.

3, observe the ammeter, voltmeter, pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, and flow meters and other meter readings are normal.

4, pay attention to line leaks, leakage and the like.

5, usually kept clean of the unit, and pay attention to safe operation.

After running maintenance

In the cold season, especially in the outdoor pump, parking should be removed immediately after the pump liquid to prevent freezing knot.

General spare pump should also be time to start again.

Pump to regular maintenance, inspection and replacement of defective wearing parts such as bearings, bushings, thrust ring.

Bearing housing grease regularly add.

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