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Improvement Of Diaphragm Gland Of Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump

- May 16, 2018 -

Analysis  of the reasons for the diaphragm rupture of the pneumatic diaphragm  pump found that both were broken at the contact position of the  diaphragm gland, and many powders were found in the air chamber,  indicating that the main cause of the diaphragm rupture was because the  diaphragm gland was too dead to the diaphragm and the pressure As the cover continued to collide with the diaphragm and caused by friction, it decided to improve the gland and diaphragm. First,  the glands are enlarged and one is flat, and the other is arc-shaped,  so that the contact of the glands with the glands during the movement of  the diaphragm is always in line contact along the arc edges of the arc  glands.

Diaphragm  samples of pneumatic diaphragm pumps are manufactured. However, how to  test them is a problem. According to the diaphragm operating at the  fastest speed of 145 times per minute, the number of fatigue life is 20  million calculations, 24 hours a day, and the test time is three. More than a month, obviously, the time is too long. So he designed a set of test devices. Using  the principle of eccentricity, the two ball bearings are mounted on an  eccentric bushing. The eccentricity is equal to half of the total stroke  of the diaphragm of the pneumatic diaphragm pump and is driven by the  motor. In  this way, the stroke of the diaphragm in the test device and the stroke  in the pneumatic diaphragm pump are almost the same, but the speed is  not the same. In the test device, the actual number of diaphragm  reciprocations is 350 times per minute because the diaphragm is always  immersed in the circulating water. Therefore,  it is considered that the fatigue resistance is the same (to be  verified by the next step). Both the glands are the same as those of the  pneumatic diaphragm pump.

Experimental  results The number of fatigue life of diaphragm diaphragms for  pneumatic diaphragm pumps has reached 12 million times, and they are all  broken at the contact position of the glands.


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