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How To Clean The Metering Pump?

- Feb 21, 2018 -

Many manufacturers in the process of the use of metering pump, once installed pump, is basically used to pump completely unusable, in fact, in the case of convenient, metering pump to wash to use longer, often DE PAM pump industry to introduce metering pump clean six points:

1. Apply the water for about 10 minutes. After about 5 minutes, the water in the tube will be discharged before the disassembly is started to reduce the risk.

2. Turn off the metering pump power supply and remove all valve parts. When disassembling, it is still necessary to be careful of the residual chemicals and water, to avoid damage or splash into the power supply and other related equipment.

3. Flush valve and internal parts with water.

4. Check whether the parts are defective, deformed or cracked, and replace them if there is any.

5. Return all the valves as is.

6. Test with water for 5 minutes. If there is crystallization, use crystallization thinner for about 10 minutes, then change to water for about 5 minutes.

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