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High Pressure Reciprocating Pump In Winter Use The Attention Point And Its Use Period

- Jan 28, 2018 -

On sort of high-pressure pump concrete, in addition to the aforementioned high pressure cleaning pump, there is high pressure reciprocating pump, etc. These types, therefore, the next work, is the knowledge about high pressure reciprocating pump for work, so that we can to get some new knowledge, thereby, to promote the learning process of the product.

1. High pressure reciprocating pump, in the process of use, especially in winter, what should be paid attention to?

If the high pressure reciprocating pump is used in winter, we should pay attention to:

(1) if the pipe is prone to blockage, the safety valve should be installed to ensure that the high pressure reciprocating pump is safe to use and to ensure its normal operation.

(2) to check whether the steam is unblocked, whether the media is frozen or not. If so, it is not possible to start the high pressure reciprocating pump so as to avoid damage to the pump. In addition, before starting the high pressure reciprocating pump, the import and export valve should be opened first.

2. Precautions for operation of three-plunger high pressure reciprocating pump.

For three-plunger high pressure reciprocating pump, the main points of the pump in operation are:

(1) if there is no liquid in the pump, it is not possible to start this kind of high-pressure reciprocating pump, because it can cause the damage of the pump, so that it cannot be used normally. If the valve on the line and the bypass valve are closed, it is not possible to start the pump.

Three plunger (2) when the high pressure reciprocating pump is used for the first time or after repair, so have to be the no-load test run first, if no problem, just can load trial operation, in order to check whether it is normal. If there is any abnormality, it should be dealt with in time. Therefore, the total trial run time should not be less than 4 hours.

3. High pressure reciprocating pump, does it have a time limit? And what is the difference between a plunger pump and a reciprocating pump?

High pressure reciprocating pump, there is no life on the regulation requirements, basically be to see what circumstance, if the pump is damaged phenomenon, and has affected the normal work, then, is to stop using the new timely replacement. As for the difference between plunger pump and reciprocating pump, the main one is the flow and sealing.

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