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Future Prospects For The Pump Industry Is Affected By Macroeconomic Policy Can Be Expected

- Sep 28, 2015 -

Pump industry is a typical investment-driven industry, market demand by national macroeconomic policies, especially macroeconomic policy is subject to water, construction, energy and other sectors of influence.

Eleventh Five-Year Plan period China's water conservancy investment scale of 462.8 billion yuan, of which, the proportion of key water conservancy project investment of more than 50. Moreover, since 2004, the pump industry average annual growth rate was maintained at 20 or so.

The development of the foundry industry in the country, the valve casting enterprises should solve saving electricity, labor shortages, national policies and other issues, while more attention to industry changes and make appropriate adjustments based on the enterprise's own operating conditions, so that the future better and more rapid development.

As technology advances, the pumps will the intelligent direction, capable of pressure, flow, temperature and vibration monitoring parameters; able to pump shaft, bearings and seals to assess the situation; able to fault reasons perform diagnostics. Magnetic pump, diaphragm pump technology industry will focus reflected in the design of electronic control system, improve the driving means and the search for new materials and other aspects.

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