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Dosing Pump: Different Forms Of Classification, Structure And Working Principle

- Jun 18, 2018 -

The  classification of the dosing pump is generally classified according to  the structure of the pump head and the form of transmission. The working  principle and compositional structure of the dosing pump are also very  different.
Dosing  pump can be divided into plunger type dosing pump and diaphragm type  dosing pump according to the pump head part. The plunger type dosing  pump is a plunger for linear reciprocating diaphragm dosing pump  directly through the valve opening and closing The  purpose of sucking and discharging liquid, while the diaphragm dosing  pump is reciprocating by means of a plunger in the cylinder body, so  that the oil in the chamber generates a pulse force, which pushes the  diaphragm to move back and forth, and achieves the purpose of sucking  and discharging the liquid under the action of the opening and closing  of the valve. Separate  the plunger from the liquid to be transported to prevent the liquid  from leaking out to cause pollution and loss. If an alarm is fitted, the  diaphragm can be stopped and alarmed when the diaphragm ruptures,  effectively avoiding contamination of the process piping by the oil, and  after replacing the diaphragm It  can resume normal operation. In addition, the diaphragm pump is also  equipped with a three-valve device (automatic oil valve, safety valve,  and air release valve), which can be used to supplement the working oil  of the hydraulic chamber in time, and at the same time can avoid  overfilling and improve the service life of the diaphragm. , It can also ensure the safety of the dosing pump system.

The  dosing pump is divided according to the transmission mode, and can be  divided into cam type and N-axis type: where the micro-computer seat  (JW) is a splicing plate cam type structure. The motor drives the  eccentric cam through the worm and worm gear to rotate the slider  (crosshead). Make the plunger reciprocate linearly.

Dosing  pump flow regulation is achieved by changing the plunger stroke length  or pump speed. The plunger stroke can be adjusted steplessly within a  range of 0 to 100%, and can be performed both during operation and when  stopped. With the electronic control and other devices, it can realize the original distance operation or automatic control. Equipped  with AC or speed control motor, it can realize double adjustment or  reduce the pump speed to meet the needs of process flow.

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