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Diaphragm Pump Foreign Development Status

- May 16, 2018 -

Foreign  long-distance pipeline transportation, the traditional is the use of  reciprocating pumps, such as piston pumps, piston pumps. The  structure of this type of pump is relatively complex and difficult to  maintain. Because the slurry directly enters the pump body, the service  life of the wearing parts is shortened and the maintenance cost is high.  In the late  1950s, Japan's Hitachi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed the first  horizontal water isolation pump for long-distance transmission and  achieved success. In the 1960s and 1970s, Japan developed the first vertical water isolation pump for use in alumina plants and achieved success. In  the late 1970s, the United States, Canada, Australia, West Germany, and  the United Kingdom had scored dozens of patent registrations for this  kind of pump. In  1976, the first diaphragm piston pump manufactured by Holland HOLTHUIS  was introduced. This pump uses a rubber diaphragm to separate the oil  from the pulp, effectively preventing the solid particles from entering  the pump cylinder and thus having a longer service life than the piston  pump and plunger. The pump has been significantly improved, reducing maintenance costs. At  present, the GEHO pump manufactured by the Netherlands, which is a  diaphragm piston pump, has spread over a dozen countries in the world.

At  present, there are only a few foreign membrane pump manufacturers,  including HOLTHUIS in the Netherlands, Wiener in Germany, EMMERICH,  FELUMA, and WILSON SNYDER in Canada. Among them, HOLTHUIS has the highest market share in the world. The  market shares of WITHER and WILSON SNYDER have been reduced in recent  years, and the competitiveness of products has been weakened. EMMERICH's products are concentrated in the alumina market. FELUMA's products are in the marketing stage. In  recent years, HOLTHUIS has launched large-flow, high-pressure pump  models, which have greatly improved computer control, wearing parts  life, power end structure, and safe and reliable operation. WITHER, WILSON SNYDER, and EMMERICH have not seen the introduction of new products in recent years. The  hose-diaphragm pump introduced by FELUMA has a great breakthrough in  structure and principle. It is another development direction. At  present, it is only lacking more industrial practices to improve and  further occupy the market.

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