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Diaphragm Metering Pump Types And Uses

- Jun 10, 2018 -

1, no oil lubrication pneumatic diaphragm metering pumps, belongs to the field of pneumatic machinery. Mainly  applicable to food and beverage processing, chemical process  pharmaceutical petroleum refinement, waste water treatment slurry and  paper slag.
 2, multi-cylinder piston diaphragm metering pumps belong to plant protection machinery pumps. Its  characteristics are: each cylinder is star-shaped radial arrangement,  the diaphragm by the piston forced reciprocating motion, can obtain high  pressure, large flow, good stability, its drainage pressure, flow can  be adjusted at will. It  can be used to spray liquids for farmland and garden plants, sprinkler  irrigation, environmental disinfection and sterilization, sanitation and  epidemic prevention, highway watering, spraying machines, vehicles,  buildings and industrial transportation of liquids.
 3, the hydraulic diaphragm metering pump is used to convey slurry material or liquid material. It  is composed of a left pump body, a right pump body, a connecting rod  connecting the diaphragm, a hydraulic moving reversing valve, a feeding  pipe, a discharging pipe, and a hydraulic power part. The  hydraulic directional valve is a standard three-position four-way  hydraulic directional valve with a simple structure and no wearing  parts. The  control hydraulic reversing valve is completed by a semi-circular long  groove on the pull rod and an annular groove on both sides thereof, and  no separate control valve is required, so that the service life of the  pump is high and the manufacturing cost is low.
 4,  flow adjustable diaphragm metering pump, by the motor, diaphragm pump,  crank connecting rod mechanism and flow adjustment device, which is  characterized by the flow adjustment device consists of an eccentric  transition shaft, eccentric shaft, eccentric shaft rotating disk and  transmission pressure plate The  amplitude of the diaphragm can be adjusted, and a scale display is  shown. The motor of the utility model can adopt synchronous low rotation  speed to avoid the noise caused by the vibration of the existing  diaphragm pump when the motor runs at a high speed, and at the same  time, the noise is avoided. The high frequency vibration of the diaphragm improves the pump's working accuracy and service life.
5. A double chamber, double pump diaphragm metering pump with a buffer chamber for pumping various gases (eg air). The  utility model is characterized in that the motor shaft protrudes from  both ends, each pump body is driven, and two pump chambers are connected  with a buffer chamber to form a double-end double pump body diaphragm  pump with a buffer chamber. This combination of diaphragm pump suction flow, no pulse, and the structure is simple and compact, the failure rate is small. In  particular, there are obvious advantages in improving the flow of  exhaust gas, eliminating air flow pulsation and reducing power  consumption.
6,  manpower double suction diaphragm metering pump, from the left and  right pump casing, diaphragm, connecting rod, bellows, inlet (out)  water, one-way valve and other components. The pump casing is in the shape of a clam shell and the diaphragm is corrugated. This  kind of pump is light and inexpensive. Its structure can make the  suction and discharge of liquid not subject to directionality, and can  reduce hydraulic bending loss and impact loss, thus significantly  improving work efficiency. It  applies to farmland irrigation in a hilly and mountainous area,  low-lying and low-pot flow operations, garden irrigation, and large-area  watering of vegetable gardens in towns and suburbs.
7.  A combined lined pneumatic diaphragm metering pump characterized in  that the inner wall of the outer shell is provided with a rubber lining  which is thermally glued to the inner wall, and its inner cavity radial  distance is 115 mm. The  check valve is of a combined structure, and the upper cover, the upper  valve body, the main valve body, the lower valve body, and the lower  cover are seated together and then bolted. On  the sidewalls of the left and right passage cavities of the upper valve  body and the lower valve body, there is a rubber lining that is  thermally glued to the side walls. Suitable for conveying a variety of corrosive, viscous or suspended liquids. With good sealing performance, low cost and long service life, the maximum flow rate can reach 50 tons/hour.
8,  hydraulic tube type diaphragm metering pump is a kind of diaphragm pump  that conveys chemical slurry, characterized in that it has a limiting  cylinder in the cavity of the cylinder, and a straight tube diaphragm is  installed in the inner space of the limiting cylinder. Each  of the upper and lower ends of the diaphragm is equipped with a valve  seat, a valve ring, a valve cover, and a die, and is connected with the  cylinder through threads on the tube shell. The mechanical diaphragm, the back cover and the bracket are overlapped and connected with the cylinder body through bolts. The  push rod is connected to the nut through the center hole of the  bracket, the back cover, the bracket, and the mechanical diaphragm. In  addition, there is a diaphragm pump with an intermediate medium chamber  double diaphragm pump that is enclosed by a mechanical diaphragm, a  cylinder block and a limiting cylinder. The diaphragm pump is driven by  an eccentric mechanism and a bidirectional push rod to push the  diaphragm to vibrate the slurry, and is on both sides of the two-way  push rod. Each  has a diaphragm, the motor maneuvers an eccentric shaft and utilizes the  circular motion of the eccentric shaft to translate the two-way push  rod. The motor  utilization rate is double that of the single pump, and the pump flow  rate is doubled when the motor power is constant. The pulsation is small, the work is stable, and the diaphragm life can reach 1000 hours. When  a 120 W AC motor is used, the flow rate is 5000 ml/min when the  pressure is 2 atmospheres, and 3700 ml/min when the pressure is 8  atmospheres.
9,  the reciprocating diaphragm pump has a concave flange on one end of the  cylinder body, and the other end is sealed and matched with the end  cap. A non-return valve for controlling liquid entry and exit is  provided in the liquid inlet and outlet of the end cap; the plunger has a  three-stage piston structure. There  are seal rings on the front and back sections, and the solution chamber  is at the middle section. The diaphragm holder on the mandrel is  pressed together with the pressure plate and the lock nut to press the  diaphragm. The outer edge of the diaphragm is fixed on the flange by a  pressure ring and bolt. Mandrel end connected to the drive system. The  pump has a simple structure, corrosion resistance, and can work  continuously for a long time under high temperature, high pressure and  electrochemical environment.

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