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Diaphragm Metering Pump Common Faults And Troubleshooting Methods

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Diaphragm metering pump common faults and troubleshooting methods

Diaphragm metering pump can not hit the water, there are reasons for the problem:

1, the filter and the drug into the pipe blockage. Solution: cleaning can be.

2, the inlet and outlet of the ball valve blocked by foreign objects. Solution: cleaning can be.

3, the inlet and outlet of the ball valve sealing is not good, leakage. Solution: the ball will be forced to spin a few, so that it closely integrated with the base.

4. The sealing ring of the inlet and outlet is loose or falling off. Solution: be careful to check up and down a total of 4.

5. Damaged diaphragm. Solution: replace, reinstall.

6, the connecting rod group stuck. Solution: one is the maintenance of the rod group parts apart, rusty parts with file plus lubricating oil can be removed; two is for new linkage.

7. Motor burn down. Solution: replace it.

8, adjust the cam was transferred to "0" position, flow is zero, also can not hit the syrup. Solution: adjust the cam adjustment so that the scale is not 0.

The flow can not meet the requirements. The reason for this problem is that there is a problem:

I, the product flow rate at the factory is the largest ("10" position), adjust the cam has been adjusted, resulting in smaller flow.

J, inlet and outlet ball valve has been blocked by foreign material, resulting in smaller flow (relatively small foreign body). Solution: cleaning can be.

K, the concentration of the liquid, because our company's products in the factory test with water as the standard, so there will be a slight error.

L, filter and tube clogging (tiny foreign body). Solution: cleaning can be

Fax: 86-571-86408588

Code: 310018


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