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Based On The Characteristics Of The Five Pump Selection

- Sep 28, 2015 -

Pump selection basis, it should be based on the process, drainage requirements, from five aspects to be considered, both liquid delivery quantity, unit head, fluid properties, piping layout and operating operating conditions

1, the flow is one of the important performance data selected pump, it is directly related to the production capacity and delivery capacity of the entire apparatus. As process design can be calculated Institute pump properly, minimum, maximum, three kinds of traffic. When selecting a pump, the maximum flow rate as the basis, taking into account the normal flow, the maximum flow rate in the absence of, preferably 1.1 times the normal flow rate is usually as the maximum flow rate.

2, the device system required pump head is selected another important performance data, the general use of amplified 5% -10% margin lift for selection.

3, fluid properties, including liquid media name, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties, physical properties are temperature c density d, viscosity u, the content of the medium diameter of solid particles and gases, etc., which involves lift system, the effective gas NPSH calculations and suitable pump types: chemical properties, mainly refers to chemical corrosive and toxic liquid medium, is the choice of materials and selection of pumps that an important basis for the seal type.

4, piping layout condition device system refers to the height of the feed liquid from the liquid feed liquid feeding direction, the suction side as the minimum level, the discharge side of the highest level and some data and pipe size and length, material, fittings specifications, quantity etc., for the Department of Computing and comb head NPSH check.

5, the contents of many operating conditions, such as a liquid saturated steam operation force T P, the suction side pressure PS (absolute), the discharge side of the container pressure PZ, altitude, ambient temperature or continuous operation, the position of the pump is fixed gap or it may shift.

Parti centrifugal Tip: pump selection based on the above, we can easily choose according to their own needs the appropriate pump. After the pump selection in strict accordance with the basis, we should note that the selected pump as much as possible should be small, cheap, good properties, long life, smooth operation, low operating costs.

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