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Why use metering pumps

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Why use metering pumps?

We use a metering pump because it provides us with convenience in the following places:

1. Quick cleaning and disinfection in case of emergency;

2. It can be safely and accurately prepared according to the flow and water pressure;

3. Easy to install and use. It needs electricity;

4, with excellent uniformity (even at low water flow: small henhouse or young poultry);

5. Self suction;

6, compared with the self flow trough, the metering pump simplifies the powder treatment (moisture, weight, transportation), thereby reducing the risk;

7, in drug loading tank no problem, sometimes need to be repeated several times a day (supply tank size is not appropriate);

8. It's a safe device for both operators and welcome. Don't exist because of too much liquid spills or loss of drug risk;

9. The suction hose containing concentrated liquid is operated by low pressure (suction), while other techniques are injected with pressure (pulsation effect, in case of leakage is dangerous).

Fax: 86-571-86408588

Code: 310018


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