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Selection principles pump motor

- Sep 28, 2015 -

1, select the type of the motor according to the requirements of using the pump. When in use, according to the motor starter, brake, reverse, speed, frequency, etc. to choose from.

2. The use of the pump load, speed, frequency, frequency of starting, temperature and starting torque of the motor power and other options. Selection of the motor power is too large, reducing the efficiency of the pump to bring, energy waste, increase the cost, depending on the size of the motor type and power coefficient reasonable choice.

3, depending on the temperature used in the pump unit, altitude, humidity, wind, rain, insulation requirements, medium, cooling and transport installation and choose the form of the structure of the motor.

4, according to applications of voltage, frequency and power factor, determine the motor's voltage level and type.

5. The pump parameters required to select the motor speed.

6. The operational reliability of the pump, ease of use occasions, energy requirements, cost requirements and other selected motor.

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