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Pump selection principle

- Sep 28, 2015 -

The basic principles of pump selection:

1, must be based on the needs of production, and fully meet the production process flow and head (or pressure) requirements.

2, the choice of good performance, and with the traffic engineering requirements, the lift has strong adaptability to change and guarantee of pump. Should be finalized in the first series of products, the selection of high efficiency, good suction performance, using a wide range of pumps. When there is a variety to choose from when the pump should be carried out technical and economic analysis, merit adoption. When products can not meet the selection requirements, according to the provisions of the program design, trial production of new products. Changes in project requirements head is large, should use HQ curve steep drop type of pump; large changes in traffic engineering requirements, should use gentle type of pump HQ curve.

3, should try to make the selected pump within its area that is designed to efficiently vicinity (nominal) operating point run. In the design of a variety of standard conditions the pump unit can be normal safe operation, namely cavitation, vibration and overload phenomenon does not occur.

4, selected pump in the long run means a higher average efficiency, low energy consumption and low operating costs.

5, the selected pump type, number of units to make the investment of the whole system (the sum of the cost of equipment and civil engineering and installation works investment) most provinces.

6, easy construction, easy operation, management and maintenance.

7, Cascade run pumps, pump type and number of units should meet the traffic on the lower level of coordination between the requirements of the pump, avoid, reduce due to lower pump flow mismatch caused by insufficient or excessive traffic flow.

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