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Both environmental conditions Fire Pump Selection design recommendations

- Sep 28, 2015 -

(1) and water containing sediment in shallow waters

A typical representative of the type region is China's shallow waters of Bohai Bay, the main features are: shallow depth of 10m, water turbidity, sediment containing different levels.

Environmental constraints install fire pumps in the region, the selection are:

① depth limit, taking into account the impact of the lowest astronomical tide and waves from the sea floor mud clearance face certain demands to a minimum depth of latent silent pump, the effective use of the limited depth of the pump, a small vertical long axis of the pump and the capacity The default installation of submersible pumps to meet the basic requirements, but large-capacity submersible pump installation silent difficulties.

② affect water, sediment, mainly affecting fire pump bearings and seals of operational stability and reliability. Packing less affected, mechanical seals affected by large impact.

Pump selection should be preferred vertical long axis of the fire pump, seal packing seal relatively strong adaptability of sediment silent submersible pump than mechanical, and in order to reduce the impact of sediment on the pump bearings, the bearings should be technology on the request for a note, such as the selection of suitable bearing material, increased silt in the bearing ring, can be considered when the sediment large selection of closed shaft drive.

Due to other factors such as the choice of silent submersible pump, should try to increase the distance between the bottom of the pump between the soil surface and seabed, to avoid pump during operation of pump flow to the lower part of the protective tube seabed sediment disturbance, reduce sediment content of sea water pumping . Meanwhile, additional latent silent motor casing pressure control means to increase the motor and reduce the impact of sediment on the protection of the mechanical seal.

(2) The general depth and clean sea water quality

A typical representative of the type area is the East China Sea, South China Sea area, the main features are: water depth of 10 ~ 500m, water quality clean, practically free of sediment.

Fire pump is installed in the region, environmental factors for the selection of the main area of high winds and waves, the platform deck relative sea level compared with Gao, which also requires a longer length of the pump, the pump and the pump is installed must run extent.

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