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Acid Pump Selection

- Sep 28, 2015 -

In addition to the role of acid pump impeller, spiral casing role is also very important. The energy obtained from the impeller in the liquid outflow has a large function of the impeller, the liquid in the spiral pump housing is collected, and later in the diffuser tube into pressure energy to kinetic energy.

Horizontal acid pump, is conveying an acidic medium most used pumps. Second liquid pump is used more pumps, some manufacturers due to poor horizontal pump seal resolve, habitual use liquid pumps. The principle reason why the majority of acid pump can pump acid is mainly the material, generally acid pump are made of non-metallic materials as the pump flow component materials, such as "polyethylene, polypropylene, poly FEP other", which Poly FEP acid is one of the best materials, basically any corrosion resistance in acidic medium, is called plastic Wang.

Acid pump seal filler filling out of the original shaft sealing type, using double mechanical seal, mechanical seals mainly by the ring, quiet ring, springs, bushings, water seal, O-ring composed of several parts. In order to anti-acid protection, the use of washing mechanical seal, mechanical seal flush water while taking temperature operation, and greatly extended equipment life.

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