1. The motor does not start

A: No power

Q: Check whether the contacts of the power fuse contactor are intact and secure.

2. Do not drain completely

A: The suction height is too high, the suction pipe is blocked, the suction pipe leaks, and the air in the cylinder

Q: Decrease the installation height, remove the blockage, and press the pipe joint to try to drain the air

3. Insufficient fluid discharge

A: Partial blockage of the suction pipe, foreign matter stuck in the one-way valve, poor shut-off of the one-way valve, high liquid viscosity, leakage of the motor at the plunger packing, unstable motor speed, oil in the oil system, and impurities. Safety valve, charge valve action is not normal plunger zero offset

Q: Clear the suction pipe, clean one-way valve 3. Replace the one-way valve, use the high viscosity metering pump produced by the factory, adjust the cylinder sleeve lock nut (if the filler is bad, replace the filler), stabilize the motor speed, change the clean oil, Re-adjust. Reposition plunger zero

4. The temperature of the chassis is too high

A: The packing pressure is too tight, the bearing wear is serious or the assembly clearance is wrong, the lubricant oil is bad or lubricated, and the coupling is neutral to the poor

Q: Adjust the elasticity of the packing, replace the bearing and adjust the clearance, change the oil and improve the lubrication, check the coaxiality of the coupling

5. Pressure instability

A: One-way valve has foreign matter stuck in the outlet pipe leaking

Q: Cleaning check valve to eliminate leakage

6. Pipeline vibration

A: The pump body has a gas pressure, the suction and discharge valve is leaking, the suction line is too slender or the elbow is too much

Q: Venting, repairing or replacing a new valve, rectifying the suction line

7. Stress. Flow accuracy

A: The check valve has foreign matter stuck, the valve ball wears out, there is air in the liquid, the packing is damaged, the voltage is unstable, and the diaphragm is damaged.

Q: Clean the check valve, replace the valve ball, remove the air in the liquid, replace the packing, add the power supply, and replace the diaphragm.