Depam (Hangzhou) Pump Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of metering pumps, high-pressure reciprocating pumps, dosing pumps, complete sets of chemical dosing devices, and supercritical extraction devices. In the production, technology and management have a good product industrialization conditions. The company has a high-quality, strong technical team, all front-line production staff undergo rigorous technical training, and the skills of process employees reach or exceed the requirements of the national metering pump industry, and they are fully equipped with batch production and testing facilities. The basic conditions for the production environment, technical strength, production equipment, technological equipment and testing methods are required.

All production processes of the product are strictly controlled according to the ISO9001:2000 quality management system recognized by the international authoritative Norwegian classification society, and follow the requirements of API675 of the American Petroleum Institute for design and production, so that international standards are integrated with Chinese characteristics. Technology maintains the international leading level, making the company's metering pump series products can almost cover the delivery of any conventional and special media requirements on the market, and its working pressure and capacity can also meet the vast majority of requirements in industrial production.

The advantages of Depharm metering pumps include:

Transmission system

 The power part of the Depam metering pump adopts an advanced sleeve-adjustable eccentric transmission mechanism, which solves the three problems of the metering pump in the common mechanical mechanism:

 1) The structure is more complicated;

2) poor processing technology;

3) Stress concentration and low reliability.

On this basis, Depam has developed an overall superior eccentric block sleeve adjustment mechanism with:

1) Stroke adjustment linearity and reproducibility are high;

2) Advantages of adjusting the stroke arbitrarily regardless of whether it is in the parking or running state, make Depam metering pumps have greater advantages in measuring accuracy. Compared with the original sleeve adjustable eccentric transmission mechanism, it has the advantages of being able to withstand greater loads, run more smoothly, and have lower noise.

2. Hydraulic system

High measurement accuracy, completely sealed and leak-free, is the characteristics of Depam's hydraulic diaphragm series metering pumps. Depam not only produces hydraulic single diaphragms, but also double diaphragm metering pumps with rupture alarms, and developed a three-diaphragm hydraulic system with independent intellectual property rights and a four diaphragm hydraulic system to provide safety double insurance for metering pumps. Equipped with dual double-layer diaphragm rupture alarm system, unique in the world. Depam's metering pumps have the advantages of accurate metering and reliable operation, and can be applied to the delivery of extremely dangerous chemical products such as extremely penetrating, radioactive and corrosive.

The built-in safety valve in the hydraulic system protects the pump head and the mechanical transmission part under overload conditions; the diaphragm is protected under severe conditions and the Depam metering pump has excellent reliability.

Compared with the automatic mechanical replenishing system, the replenishing valve provided by Depam's metering pump has a constant oil compensation amount, which can not only prevent the overload of the hydraulic system, ensure the repeatability of the system operation, and completely eliminate oil leakage. The problem is that the structure is simpler and maintenance is more convenient.

Depam's metering pump has a unique thermal jacket design. It can control the temperature of the sealed chamber by sending insulation or cooling medium to the jacket. It can carry out special insulation or cooling of the conveying medium. It can be applied to the easy-to-crystallize, heat-requiring transmission medium. .

3. Body system

Depam's metering pumps have reliable one-way valve technology. Depam's unique pressure-bonded silicon carbide balls and airborne corundum balls have excellent corrosion resistance and can adapt to highly corrosive media. The valve ball has good wear resistance and high precision, making Depam metering pumps more reliable and accurate.

4. High cost performance

With the constant innovation of the mechanical and hydraulic parts of the Depam metering pump, the performance of the pump has been greatly improved while the reliability of the metering pump has been greatly improved. Depam's metering pump has a lifetime warranty, and its safe and reliable performance makes Depam's metering pumps have a low failure rate, easy maintenance, and long service life.

The company started earlier with the development of the domestic pump industry, advanced technology, contract and keeping promises, has a certain reputation in the industry, and received unanimous praise from customers. The company has always taken the path of professional development, in the field of metering pumps to achieve "high, refined, new, special, special" is committed to the development of De Pamu to become the international leader in metering pumps. We have maintained good business cooperation relations and business groups with various industries such as chemical industry, petroleum, and military industry, and have very good development potential in domestic and foreign markets.

The company has the production capacity of DPM series of hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps, DPMF series of mechanical diaphragm metering pumps, DP series of plunger metering pumps, and PJYN series of dosing devices, etc. A number of international leading insulation diaphragm pumps, dual diaphragm rupture alarm pumps, multi-diaphragm rupture alarm pumps and other special performance pumps. The scope of application of the product covers various fields such as petrochemical natural gas, nuclear power, military industry, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industries. Among them, the product flow rate can reach up to 60,000 L/h, the maximum pressure can reach 100Mpa, and the highest temperature can be delivered at 800°C, and the low temperature can reach -40°C. , Viscosity 5800mm/s medium.

The company has been the designated supplier of Fortune 500 companies such as Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Bluestar Group and Arkema, and has long been Daqing Oilfield, Shengli Oilfield, Dagang Oilfield, Jiujiang Petrochemical, Qilu Petrochemical, Shenyang Paraffin Chemical Co., Ltd. , PetroChina Liaohe Petrochemical Company and other companies supply, received praise. At the same time, it also successfully signed long-term strategic cooperation framework agreements with companies such as Shenzhou Silicon, Sichuan Xinguang Silicon and Jiangxi LDK. Has a higher market share (such as fluorinated industry accounted for 98%, petrochemical natural gas industry accounted for 23%, coal chemical industry accounted for 48%, papermaking pharmaceutical chemical fiber industry accounted for 36%, sewage treatment and food industry accounted for 18%) , and  Exported to Japan, Australia, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia and other 12 countries and regions.

The company's products are all independent development achievements of the company, enjoy independent intellectual property rights, and rely on the company's user channels in the petroleum and chemical industries for many years to incorporate the company's own technology, talent, capital, and foreign policy compliance, and introduce the most advanced equipment. The most outstanding talents, fully realize the commercial value of industrialization and scale.